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NJB Consists of 3 Levels of Play:


Divisional League
(Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall)

General Winter League;
Everyone Plays

This is our most popular league where everyone plays. Thousands of kids play our winter league across the West Coast.

All-Star Opportunity: At the end of each winter season, coaches take their two best players and place them on a team with other top-performing players in their area. Those teams then play against NJB all-star teams from other areas and compete in a Tournament style playoff.

Bring Your Team League

Intermediate League; 

All-Net is a great way for established teams to stay together and continue on to a more competitive playing field during the winter season. If you are new to NJB or want to join an All-Net team, please contact your local Chapter to try to be placed on an All-Net team. 

BYT Option: BYT stands for "Bring Your Team". During the Fall, Spring, and Summer an entire team can join NJB's program to compete against other BYT teams.

NJB Stars
(Year Round)

Highly Competitive; 
Highly Selective

This is NJB's most competitive club program with a selective process. If you're interested in having your kid be on the NJB Stars contact us for a workout.

Eligibility: Must be in 3rd - 8th grade.

Details: NJB Stars are a travel team and participate against other club teams in tournaments and leagues.

Divisional League
(Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

NJB's divisions are determined by grade. See what division your child is in below:

Kindergarten: Rookie League
1st-2nd Grade: Division 4
3rd-4th Grade: Division 3
5th-6th Grade: Division 2
7th-8th Grade: Division 1
9th-12th Grade: High School

Now that you know what division your child is in, find which City (geographical location) is best for you!


Bring Your Team League (Year Round)
All-Net Team League (Winter)

NJB's divisions are determined by grade. See what division your child is in below:

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Now that you know what division your child is in, reach out to your local Chapter to see if you can join the team, or find which Chapter (geographical location) is best for the team you're signing up!


NJB Stars

This highly competitive, highly selective program requires a special process. To learn more and have someone talk you through the process, fill out the form below.

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Training Opportunities

NJB offers skills training to boys and girls grades 2-8. Whether your child is a beginner or a high-flying athlete, our small-group training sessions will help them accelerate their skill development and expand their knowledge of the game.  NJB’s experienced coaching staff challenge their athletes to push themselves to the next level while providing a fun and supportive learning environment. Find a training session below and register today.


For more information about any of the training programs, contact:


Player Training
888.623.0124 ext.101