Become A Referee


Are you an experienced referee or would you like to learn how become one? Here at NJB, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best places for a new or experienced referee to work.

We provide FREE training, referee clinics and videos to help referees develop their mechanics, judgement and game management skills. You will receive a manual with NJB rules for all levels of play. Compensation is based on experience and performance.

To become an NJB referee we require you to be at least 16 years of age, pay a registration fee and purchase your own uniform from our store. If you are 18 years old or older you must pass a background check. You must also be familiar with the Safe Sport Act of 2017 .

Hope you decide to join us!

NJB referee alumni include:

Greg Willard-Former NBA official was a mentor to many NJB referees. In his honor, NJB gives a yearly award to the best official of the year. One who works the hardest and is the most dedicated.

John Butler-NBA G League

Leon Wood-NBA Official

Also, Travis Schatzman-College D1 Official and Benny Luna-Women’s NCAA Tournament Official.  


Step to become a referee:

  1. Click on the Registration button taking you to Arbiter.

  2. Choose appropriate geographical location.

    • If from the OC/IE, choose a registration option (register for only one)

  3. Follow the prompts on Arbiter

  4. Consent to a Background Check

  5. Upload a professional profile picture.

What’s Required of You:

Please use a desktop computer to start your referee registration