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If you are looking for a league or team to join, please see below for the NJB City Finder. All leagues have a winter (divisional) program and most have off-season opportunities as well. Please select a Chapter/City below for player registration for the upcoming season. Visit your local NJB chapter website pertaining to player information for the season.

4 Levels of Play

  1. NJB’s (Winter) Divisional Program: This is our most popular league where everyone plays. Thousands of young athletes across the West Coast participate in our Winter league each year! Athletes are drafted onto teams to ensure parity across the board. All-Star Opportunity: at the end of each winter season, coaches nominate their two best players to be placed with other top-performing players in their grade. These teams represent their cities and compete against other NJB All-Star teams in a tournament-style playoff.

    2. All-Net: So, Cal, Central Cal and Nevada. This is NJB’s most competitive league. All-Net is designed to provide a club-style environment for the most advanced teams from each chapter. These teams participate in the All-Net Winter Series once per month, playing four guaranteed games at each series. Sign up as a team below on the links provided.

    3. Bring Your Team (So Cal Only): This league/tournament format allows entire teams to join together and compete against other BYT teams throughout SoCal in various gymnasiums. Coaches can choose their own roster for the season. A team can sign up under BYT if they have a head coach and a minimum of 8 players.

    4. Stars/ Club Basketball: This is NJB's most competitive club program with year round play for 3rd- 8th graders . The Stars are a travel team and play against other club teams in tournaments. You must be selected to play on The Stars team.. If you're interested in having your kid be on the NJB Stars contact us for a workout. Email us at  Eligibility: Must be in 3rd - 8th grade.

NJB requires a $15 national player membership fee during registration.  The fee includes player insurance for the year. Please contact NJB Headquarters at 888-623-0124 or if you want to start NJB in your community!